The great wines of Sauternes are pleasurable wines. Remarkable for their fruity and spicy character, they reach the ideal balance between volume and freshness due to the acidity brought about by an exceptional ‘terroir’.

They can be drunk young after being decanted to enhance their aromatic expression, or more mature with roasted and mineral notes. They must be served chilled but not iced, in preference between 10°C and 12°C.

RecipiesThey are absolutely delicious on their own for a moment of relaxation or as an aperitif. They also nicely accompany foie gras in all its forms, as well as refined fishes and seafood in cream sauce. They perfectly match white meat or exotic dishes with fruits and mild spices, strong cheeses such as Roquefort, or even fruity desserts.

In order to help you to “dare” the Sauternes wines and to discover the wild diversity of food pairings they offer, regularly check out the recipes of the moment on the Crus Classés of Sauternes & Barsac web site.

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